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Back on Track + Swedish Posture

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Posture Products

Back on Track can now present a unique collaboration with Swedish Posture.  Our common focus is products with well-being and style at their core – and we both work to promote better health, a more active life and to relieve discomfort from stiff, tired muscles and joints.  

We have a lot in common - but our products have different focuses and work in different ways. The products from Swedish Posture and Back on Track therefore complement each other in a natural way, creating a strong synergy effect, with results that extend from the body's surface to its innermost structures.   

The combination of our products offers a high quality and effective tool for better health and well-being, with a great deal of elegance. 

Swedish Posture - aligns the bone structure 

A posture reminding harness from Swedish Posture gives an immediate effect. It makes a substantial difference when the posture is straightened, and the vertebrae get correctly stacked and aligned.   

The customer, says founder and CEO Emma Pihl, usually and immediately exclaims all the arguments that a marketing department might otherwise produce. They're selling themselves, Emma notes. Poor posture and problems from the back, neck and shoulders are widespread, now even among younger and otherwise healthy middle-aged people.  

Better posture is also immediately visible. The wearer has a distinctively different look and moves in a way that is often perceived as confident and stylish - all clothes fit better. Swedish Posture has a clear aesthetic lifestyle profile, where caring for the posture and back is a natural part of a healthy and successful life. Good posture is not only good for the body - it is also stylish.  


Back on Track - supports and stimulates blood flow 

Back on Track's garments and joint protections work through the minerals that are fused into various functional textiles. The beneficial effect occurs when the minerals reflect body heat in the form of long-wave infrared energy. Braces and joint protections provide extra support to joints and soft tissues - but the infrared energy may also increase blood flow.


Together, this is often experienced as a pleasurable relief from discomfort due to overworked, cold or stiff muscles and joints.   

The Welltex® textile technology, the original and best known from the company, was introduced by founder and CEO Dr Erland Beselin, who first encountered the principle of deep-acting joint support during his travels. Back on Track's textile technologies have since evolved and multiplied, as well as finding new applications.  

The reflection of infrared energy adds an extra property to the clothing, beyond that of the functional materials themselves. The garments can therefore be warm, insulating, cool, moisture-wicking or highly breathable - depending on the area of use - and in addition, also reflect the beneficial infrared energy by means of the minerals. These minerals also give the fabrics the ability to counteract odours. And last but not least; Back on Tracks clothing for riders, sport and leisure are known to be really stylish.  

The effect of infrared energy, and its limitations 

When the infrared energy penetrates the tissues, it is believed to cause the blood vessels to dilate, through processes that take place at the molecular level. Increased blood flow will then bring about the best possible conditions for both performance and recovery.   

However, this beneficial effect alone will not overcome problems caused by poor posture, incorrect body load or improper use of the body. And this is unfortunately becoming increasingly common, due to new habits in front of small and large screens, sedentary work, and awkward positions. Physical well-being over a long (working) life simply requires that the body be used as much as possible according to its design.  

A first step in dealing with stiffness and discomfort should therefore be to eliminate potential causes - for example by correcting posture, working position, and sleeping position.   

Swedish Posture and Back on Track work together! 

Swedish Posture has developed a range of tools to correct posture and to imprint in the muscle memory what an ergonomic position should feel like.

They remind the body - but without taking over the work or supporting function of the muscles. The aim is to teach the body to load the right muscles in the right way, thereby strengthening them. When the skeletal parts assume the correct position in relation to each other, tension and wear and tear in the body's soft tissues is also reduced.  

Swedish Posture and Back on Track combine immediate action with slow-acting long-term effects: the body is straightened out and muscular blood flow is stimulated. Together, the products reinforce each other's benefits, to provide the best possible results. 

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