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Our history

The Back on Track products is developed by our company founder, the Swedish doctor, Dr Erland Beselin. Dr Beselin has a PhD in transplant immunology and over 35 years of clinical trial experience. Most of his professional career has been devoted to clinical trials and research into new drugs. More than 20 years ago, he came into contact with the function of long-wave thermal radiation for the first time and was impressed by the effect on both humans and animals.

We were at a trade fair in China, where we received a simple knee brace from an exhibitor. One of my colleagues decided to test it. He had great problems with his knee as it had been causing pain every day for several years. The questions came from an old injury from playing hockey in his youth. After a few days of using the bandage, he noticed a decrease in pain. He also saw that the pain came back when he wasn't using the plaster. I could not ignore the bandage's clear benefits and decided to examine it in more detail. 

Dr Beselin was so impressed with this treatment that he integrated this technology into the product range. This was achieved by melting the finely ground mineral particles into a wire.

"We decided to launch the first products when we did a clinical trial with a veterinarian in 2000. The company was given a name that reflects the impact of Welltex® products, Back on Track."

Prepare, Perform, Recover is the company's motto. We believe it can make a big difference to the well-being of many, both humans and animals. Over the years, we have learned that our Welltex products can really help with many different needs.

"We learn new things from our customers every day and see it as a strength for our products."

It's also great that you can use our products throughout your life. We are grateful and happy to be with you on your journey through life and participate in your joy and success!

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