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The Story Behind Our Beloved Back on Track Breeches

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
The Story Behind Our Beloved Back on Track Breeches

Linda Nilsson discovered, used, and loved the products from Back on Track long before she ever joined the company. She experienced the effect of the functional fabrics and found that they really made a difference and wanted to help provide these garments to more people of different shapes and sizes. That’s when she brought her passion to the design team. 

Julia Breeches

“I am very passionate about finding a good fit and function for people of all sizes. Being a rider myself, I was so tired of uncomfortable and ill-fitting breeches pressing on my hipbones. Consequently, it was a dream come true when I was given the opportunity to develop ‘Julia’, Back on Tracks first pair of breeches 

Katie Breeches

Katie’ is our newest pair. They have the same superb fit as Julia, but come with zipper pockets in the front, breathable mesh fabric at the ankle and a slightly different shape of the waistband.”


Linda Nilsson, garment technician at Back on Track


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