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What is Coolmax?

Coolmax® is developed to keep you dry and increase your comfort.

Coolmax® is the fabric used by Back on Track Eq3 Helmets in all their lining. All fabrics labeled with Coolmax are tailor made to meet the end user's expectations. All products therefore carry a certification to guarantee class-leading performance regardless of source of supply.

When choosing a product with Coolmax, you can always be sure of their quality standards. With 30 years of experience in keeping its customers cool and dry, the brand offers outstanding quality, reliability, and performance. The company has a history of driving innovation and therefore it goes in line with Back on Track's own key words, to work with products with cutting-edge properties.

How does Coolmax work?

Coolmax® fabrics are made of specially treated polyester fiber with a unique surface construction. This construction is four or six-channel fibers that carry moisture away from the skin through the outer layer of the fabric. There, the moisture dries faster than any other fabric and thus regulates the head temperature through condensation cooling. Here you can watch a movie about how Coolmax® works to get a better understanding.

Benefits of Coolmax?

1. High durability of fabrics over time

2. Easy care

3. Transporting Moisture

4. Breathe well

5. Must meet a maximum requirement for insulation

6. Good fabric stability

7. The paint is not washed out

8. Can be used for all seasons


With the EQ3 helmets, Back on Track® strives for more safety in all equestrian disciplines by bringing innovative products for a fair price. We want safety for everyone, from the beginner to the professional. We want to lead the way with essentials.

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