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Our Riding Helmets

Safety and style, core values of the Back on Track brand, have been our guiding principles in the conception of our EQ riding helmet line. Our selection now comprises three different models that come in a variety of finishes, to provide our clients with a multitude of possible choices – with looks ranging from formal to flamboyant. 

The different helmet models are designed to accommodate three slightly different head shapes, from round (EQ3 Lynx/EQ3 Lynx Eventing) to oval (EQ3 Pardus) to long oval (EQ3). The Lynx and Pardus models are available in adjustable sizes, making it possible to achieve a customized fit, by means of the adjustment wheel in the back.

They are all excellent, safe helmets that meet all requirements and have earned awards for being among the safest helmets on the market. But most importantly; they have proven their trustworthiness in real life situations, changing the outcome of serious incidents. 

When you choose a helmet from Back on Track, you have put a premium on safety. Back on Track was in fact one of the very first equine brands to equip helmets with the Mips-system – a Swedish invention that positively improves what a helmet can do to protect your brain.

All our helmets are approved according to the CE VG1 01.040 2014-12 and
EN1384.2017 safety standards.

Our breathable liners are made from Coolmax ; a technical material with great moisture wicking properties. When needed, the liners can be easily removed and washed. 

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