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When choosing a helmet, it is of utmost importance to ensure that it fits properly. Only then can the helmet offer the best possible protection. There are a number of things to consider when trying out your helmet. We therefore recommend that you follow the basic steps in this short guide:  


Measure your head circumference  

To determine which helmet fits you best, measure the circumference of your head about one finger above your eyebrows and ears. This measurement is an indication of which helmet size you should choose. Compare your head measurement to the tables below to determine your size. If you find your size is in between, selecting the next size up is often the safer bet for comfort and ease.  

The EQ3 Lynx and the EQ3 Pardus models both have an adjustment wheel/dial fit system on the back of the helmet. This means you can adjust the size of the helmet more precisely, to give it a customised, personal fit. 




Check the fitting of the helmet 

If you are unsure, it is best to try the helmet out and experience how it feels. It should enclose the head without causing pressure or discomfort. 

The peak of the helmet should point straight ahead. There should be a maximum of one finger width between the eyebrows and the edge of the helmet.  

Once you have found your size and fit, it is important to ensure that the helmet stays firmly on your head.  

This can be easily checked with the help of different test: 

  • The “stay-tight test” 

Use your hands to wiggle the helmet. If the helmet fits properly, the skin on the forehead should adhere to the inside of the helmet and move with it.   

If the helmet moves freely against your skin, it is probably too big or has the wrong fit for your head shape.  

  • The “Shake test” 

Shake your head up and down with the chinstrap unbuttoned to see if the helmet stays firmly in place. If the helmet moves, it is probably too big.   

Choose the right helmet liner 

For our EQ3 and Lynx helmets, we offer a selection of liners tailored to the size of the helmet. You have the option to select our original liner or one of our thicker liners, graded from "0" (original liner) to "+3" (thickest liner). This way you can always find a fit even if you are between two sizes.  

For the Pardus helmet, only the original liner is available in different helmet sizes. 


A helmet to grow into?  

A helmet with an adjustment wheel offers some accommodation for a growing head. However, we advise against compromising safety by choosing a helmet that is slightly too big. The fit should always be optimal and meet the same requirements as for an adult.  

The chin strap should be as tight as possible and placed firmly under your chin. You should only manage to fit one to two fingers between the chin and the chin strap.  

Adjust the strap so that It stays securely in place without sliding back or forth. 

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