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Keep Your Animals Cool In The Summer Heat!

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Keep Your Animals Cool In The Summer Heat!

Our Cool on Track™ products help make the summer heat more bearable for your furry four-legged friends!

Heat can be difficult for dogs to handle because they can't sweat like we do. Get ready for this year's heat wave now - so you can always have something cooling on hand with the least possible inconvenience. Now there's a dog blanket, bandana and towel in the temperature-lowering Cool on Track™ material. Water is all you need and the instructions are very simple: soak, squeeze, use!

Cooling products help the dog stay cool, alert and healthy in the heat. Most importantly, they reduce the risk of severe overheating and heat stroke. - And although the products were originally developed for dogs, they are just as effective and comfortable for your cats. The towel is also suitable for yourself and your family members.

Hot summer days = risk of heat stroke

It is well known that dogs lose excess heat mainly by panting with their mouths open. The more of the oral mucosa the dog can expose, the better it is, as the surface is full of blood vessels where the blood can be effectively cooled by flowing air. However, as the temperature rises this method becomes more and more strenuous on the dog and if it is really hot it quickly becomes insufficient. A dog with a dense and long coat has a particularly difficult time keeping the body temperature down.

Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the dog fails to lower its temperature on its own and the body temperature rises to 42°C instead. This always requires veterinary care.

As a dog/pet owner, it's very important to keep an eye on your dog/pet, make sure he has a cool place to retreat to and give him plenty of water to drink.

Cool on Track™ - for efficient cooling!

Cool on Track™ is a smart functional material that can absorb large amounts of water in relation to its weight. When the water subsequently evaporates from the surface, through the mesh material of the outer layer, the temperature can be lowered by as much as 6°C. The material provides an intense cooling effect, entirely due to the natural evaporation of ordinary water. Cool on Track™ contains no chemicals and does not require cooling using a refrigerator or freezer. The material cools itself - and retains its cooling effect as long as it is damp.

The products are designed to cool the dog's body where it is most effective and feels best for the dog. The dog coat cools a large part of the dog's body, protects the back from the strong sun rays and prevents the fur from absorbing and retaining the heat of the sun. It is easy to fasten with Velcro around the stomach and neck.

The towel can be used as a cooling mat. Dogs especially appreciate being able to lie down on something cool, because the fur on the stomach is much thinner and the blood vessels are close to the skin. When the blood in the superficial blood vessels cools, it maintains the body temperature. The bandana is fastened around the dog's neck and effectively cools the superficial blood vessels in the neck.

Easy to use and carry

The products of the Cool on Track™ collection are very practical to take with you on trips and excursions. If you have access to water, you also have access to long-term cooling for your animal. Soaking the product from time to time allows it to be used from morning to night.

In the same way as a kitchen sponge, a Cool on Track product must be soaked in water to be soft and smooth. When it dries, it hardens and therefore should not be bent or folded when dry. Once it has absorbed the water, it will be soft, cool and ready to use again!

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