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How Do Back on Track® Materials Work?

All Back on Track muscle and joint protectors are made of functional Welltex and Iontex fabric with heat reflective properties. These functional textiles result from a collaboration between the old oriental tradition and modern scientific textile technology. The functional properties have been introduced into the textile by incorporating mineral particles with functional properties into the polyester or polypropylene fibres. A piece of fabric is a functional product that utilizes some of the body's heat through the mineral particles in the material. This energy reflected by the functional fabric back into the body is long-wave infrared radiation.

Effect of long-wave infrared radiation

Studies have shown that long-wave heat radiation accelerates blood circulation. An increase in blood flow, in turn, triggers tense muscles and helps improve performance. Long-wave heat radiation is used, especially in the prevention of injuries. Back on Track protectors should be worn before training or competition.

More about heat transfer

Thermal energy is transferred in three different ways; conduction, transport and radiation:

1. When thermal conduction (conduction) occurs, heat is transferred from one part to another through contact.

2. Heat transfer by transfer (convection) occurs when a heated liquid (e.g., water) or gas (e.g., air) moves and heat is transferred with it. Ordinary clothing and joint protectors made of insulating material (e.g. cotton, wool and neoprene) slow down or prevent air movement, thus retaining the body's heat in the air space between the skin and the garment. However, Back on Track products can breathe while increasing thermal energy in tissues.

3. In radiation, the heat source emits heat rays that heat it when they hit another surface. Back on Track products work with radiant heat and are not intended to isolate all the heat radiation emitted by the body, but utilize some of the energy and increase the tissues' thermal energy.

Humans and animals give off their body heat both at rest and when active. At rest, however, the release of heat is weaker than when the body is working.

How To Use Back on Track® Products

Please read the Instructions carefully before using the product.

It is important to start using the products gradually so that the body gets a chance to get used to the effect of the fabrics. Use the product for a maximum of 4 hours for the first 2-3 days. The reason for the recommendation is that some people may experience increased sensation . In horse and dog it can manifest in a slight swelling. This is due to the increased blood flow, which is actually a good sign of the effect of the ceramic fabric. (If there is increased sensation or swelling that occurs after just an hour of use, stop the use of the product for that day. You may introduce the product a little more gradually in the following days.) After the introduction period, the use should be increased to at least 8 hours per day, preferably longer. Even after an hour, a positive impact on tense muscles and rigid joints is often experienced. More persistent conditions may require several days, up to 10-20 days, before the desired result is achieved.



» It is not recommended to use Back on Track® products simultaneously with ointments/liniments.

» It is not recommended to use Back on Track®products during pregnancy.

» When used in combination with therapy, always consult first with your physician or veterinarian. Back on Track® products do not have any side effects, however in the first few days, a strong effect may occur. The best course of action is to remove the product and in the following days gradually increase the time of usage again.

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