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5 exercises that can relieve back pain

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
5 exercises that can relieve back pain

Try these 5 simple exercises to stretch the back muscles and thus reduce problems with stiffness and tenderness in the back.

With back exercises and stretching of the back, blood flow increases, which promotes mobility and helps to soften stiff muscles. For further help on the stack, you can combine the training with our products that reflect long-wave infrared energy. They can further stimulate blood circulation in the area and thus reduce problems with stiffness in the back.

Remember to always stretch your back gently, especially if you have any known back injury or problem. Follow the body's signals and let it be a pleasant experience!



Exercise 1

The child's position
A traditional yoga pose that helps to stretch the lumbar spine, buttocks and back thighs.

Do as follows:
Stand on all fours and sink back with your hips so that they rest at the heels. Extend your hands in front of you by walking out with your hands. Feel how your stomach rests against your thighs and let your forehead rest against the surface. Stay in position for 10 breaths.



Exercise 2

Landscape twist
A real back favorite! With this exercise, you stretch the side of the back, neck, chest and hips.

Do this:
Lie on your back and pull your knees up towards your chest. Then fold both knees to one side and extend your arms. You can also try turning your neck and looking in the opposite direction from your legs. Stay in the exercise for 10 breaths and then change direction.




Exercise 3

A classic yoga pose that helps you stretch your back properly.

Do as follows:
Lie on your stomach with your hands at your shoulders and forearms on the ground. Then lift your chest and upper body by pressing down with your hands. Hold the position for 10 breaths.



Exercise 4

Stretch the hip flexor
A real top exercise for you who sit a lot, run, walk, ride ... Yes for everyone really! Provides a comfortable stretch of the hip flexor and can be helpful for low back pain.

Do as follows:
Stand on all fours and stretch one leg so that it ends up approximately at the height of your shoulders. Sink into position and feel how the hip may be stretched. Remain in position for 10 breaths, then change sides.



Exercise 5

Legs against the wall
An easy but very effective exercise that your lumbar spine will thank you for!

Do this:
Lie on your back with your butt against a wall and lift your legs so that they are parallel to the wall. You will feel how the muscles in the lower back gradually relax. Stay in position for about 5 minutes.

Product tips for increased mobility.

For those of you who easily become stiff and sore in the back, there are also many good products that can relieve the discomfort. Our muscle protection and garments with Welltex® reflect body heat as long-wave infrared energy. It can stimulate blood flow in the area and thus promote moving and flexible muscles and joints. They are thus an excellent complement to your other training and stretching.

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