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The safest riding helmets 2021

Posted by Back on Track Germany on
The safest riding helmets 2021

A major safety test of the most common riding helmets in 2021 has been conducted by the Swedish insurance company Folksam. The EQ3 riding helmets from Back on Track remain at the top and all models were awarded the Best in Test and Good Choice awards.

Folksam tests of the safety of riding helmets are the toughest in the industry, especially on determining how well the helmet protects in case of oblique impact and rotation.  Impact as such is critical in causing concussions and it is therefore important that the helmet offers a high level of safety. The helmets are graded in safety from 1-5, where 5 is the highest point and marked as Best in Test. The helmets that achieve the best overall result are awarded Best in Test or Good Choice.

“A riding helmet that has been labeled Good Choice meets the legal requirements, is better than the average helmet and provides outstanding protection”, as stated by Folksam about the test results.

Folksam conducted their first safety test of riding helmets in 2018, where Back on Track’s first helmets, EQ3 and EQ3 Lynx, were tested. Now the models EQ3 Pardus +Screw and EQ3 Lynx Eventing II have also undergone the test by Folksam – with high scores and the Good Choice award.

This means that all of Back on Track’s helmet models are in the top list of the safest riding helmets on the market and have the Best in Test/Good Choice awards.

See the test results for all helmets (in swedish)
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Back on Track Riding Helmets
Back on Track was the first company in Europe to offer safe riding helmets with the Mips® safety system. Our EQ3 helmets revolutionized the industry by enabling high safety at a low price, so that all riders can feel as safe as possible in the saddle.

“We are very proud of the test results and being able to offer some of the safest riding helmets on the market. We created the riding helmets of the next generation and drive the development onwards. It is clear to us that our helmets with Mips have contributed to an increased demand for safe helmets and that equestrian sport has thus become a safer sport.” stated by Eric Larsson, Sales Manager at Back on Track.

Tested models from Back on Track, 2018-2021:

Lynx EQ3 - Best Choice, 30% better than the average helmet

Lynx Eventing EQ3 - Good Choice, 36% better than average

EQ3 - Good Choice, 16% better than average

Pardus EQ3 (+Screw) - Good Choice, 29% better than average

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