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What is Iontex®?

Iontex®, like Welltex®, contains natural minerals that can reflect body heat as infrared energy. The main difference between the technologies is that Iontex® has even finer ground minerals infused into the fabric. It results in a light, flexible and more elastic material with properties that are well suited in garments for an active lifestyle.

By absorbing body heat and recreating it as energy, Iontex® can stimulate blood circulation and give you longer endurance. The fibres in the fabric helps maintain an optimal body temperature in all situations. The products with Iontex® are quick-drying and moisture-wicking to help maintain the body’s core temperature. Therefore, the innovative material can adapt to both cold and warm conditions, which makes them suitable during both summer and winter.

Benefits of Iontex®.

Iontex® like Welltex® contains minerals that increase blood circulation and reflect the body heat to infrared rays. By absorbing the body heat and regenerating it into energy, Iontex® will give you longer endurance. The fibres in the Textile are designed to maintain the Core temperature and follow the movement of the body. When you are active, your body temperature will be higher, making your skin moisturized. The minerals in Iontex ® are antibacterial, quick-drying and will abstract the moisture from the skin to maintain the right temperature. Therefore, the material can adapt in both cold and warm conditions. Which makes it perfect to use during both hot summer days and chilly winter weather.


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