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Patrice & Valentine Delaveau

Posted by Back on Track Representative on

‘Back on Track c'est pensé "cheval" : les produits sont élégants, qualitatifs, efficaces et pratiques pour un usage quotidien. Nous utilisons beaucoup les stable boots, chemises filets et licols pour nos longs voyages en camion. Nos chevaux apprécient le confort +++ des produits en Welltex®. Après plus de 10 ans de partenariat avec Back on Track nous aimons toujours autant la marque ! '  

'Back on Track is all about horses: the products are elegant, high-quality, effective and practical for everyday use. We use the stable boots, mesh rugs and halters a lot on our long lorry journeys. Our horses appreciate the +++ comfort of Welltex® products. After more than 10 years of partnership with Back on Track, we still love the brand as much as ever!' - Patrice & Valentine Delaveau  

Patrice Delaveau is a French Olympic show jumping rider. He participated in two Summer Olympics (in 1996 and 2000). He finished 4th in team show jumping on both occasions.

Delaveau has won several medals at the world championships (three silver and one bronze). He has also participated in two European Show Jumping Championships (in 1997 and 2013) and six editions of the World Cup Show Jumping Final (in 1996, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016). He twice finished 4th at the European Championships, both times in the team event.

Valentine follows in the footsteps of her father, Patrice, in show jumping. She participated in the Kaposvár Championships (2017) and placed 4th in the team event.

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