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Guide: Choosing the right rug for your horse

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Guide: Choosing the right rug for your horse

Choosing the best rug for your horse is not always an easy task. This guide will give you some tips and advice on which horse rug to use for which occasion, temperature and weather. 

Many people base their choice of horse rug on how they themselves experience the outdoor temperature. This can be somewhat misleading - as horses have fur and can withstand more cold than us humans. Instead, look at the horse's needs related to activity, environment, location and coat.  

Start from the individual

Every horse has different needs, so it's important to consider the specific needs of your own. When the horse is in the stable, the temperature determines how cold or warm it is. But when it's out in the paddock, being ridden or active, we also need to consider the weather.  

How old is your horse?

An older horse has a greater need for a rug than a young horse. This is because an older horse no longer has the same ability to produce heat. A rug will help it stay warm and conserve energy. 

Does the horse have a lot of fur or is it shaved?

The condition of the horse's coat is also crucial when it comes to choosing a rug. A competitive horse that is shaven or clipped will need the protection of a rug more than a horse that still has a full coat. Trace clipped or partially shaven horses usually do not need a rug unless it is cold, if the horse is prone to stiffness or if the horse is damp or wet after exercise. 

Does the horse have access to feed?

Free access to feed provides better conditions for the horse to stay warm. This is because horses generate energy while they eat, making it easier to maintain their body temperature. Therefore, a horse with free access to hay is better able to keep warm. It has less need for a warm rug than a horse that does not have the same access during the day

Is there weather protection in the paddock?

A windbreak, barn or similar in the paddock can provide your horse with protection from rain and wind. Horses are very good at sheltering themselves when the weather is bad, so they can stay warm and dry. 

Different types of horse rugs

There is a whole range of different horse rugs, with many different uses and purposes. There are also multifunctional rugs that can be used in multiple ways and be combined with other rugs. Fleece rugs and mesh rugs are examples of the latter; they can be used as anything from sweat rugs to stable rugs, for transport, for summer, for use both indoors and outdoors - or as additional layer under another rug. 

Therapeutic horse rugs from Back on Track

Our horse rugs provide your horse with the best conditions for achievement, recovery, and well-being. Fused into the fabric is our unique Welltex® technology, which can contribute to increased blood flow and promote good mobility in muscles and joints. We have blankets for every occasion, weather condition and season - all made from our superior functional materials and with a well-thought-out design.

Turnout Rugs

Don't let rain and bad weather stop your horse from having a great day out in the paddock! The right choice of rug will keep it warm and comfortable. The ideal turnout rug should be both waterproof and highly breathable.  

Our Turnout Rug “Brianna” is waterproof, durable and of excellent quality. The high breathability together with the lightweight 50 g filling make this a truly versatile rug, that can be used in both lower and higher temperatures. 

The utterly elegant Turnout Rug “Obsidian” is an adaptable, truly multifunctional rug available in three different thicknesses (0/150/300g) and includes a neck cover.  

In this category: 

Turnout Rug “Brianna” 

Turnout Rug “Obsidian” 0g, 150g, 300g

Winter Rugs

During the cold winter days, your horse may need a warm winter covering. The warmth of winter rugs varies, depending on the amount of filling. This means that you may need different rugs for different temperatures and weather conditions. A winter rug can have anything from 100g to 700g of filling - but lighter rugs can of course also be combined with another layer or with a liner to achieve additional warmth and insulation.


Use your horse's rain- and turnout rugs even in winter. You can easily adjust the level of warmth by putting a stable rug underneath. These are also available with different fillings. The Millie Stable Rug is available with both 100g and 200g filling and is a good example of a rug perfect for this purpose! 

In this category:  

Turnout Rug “Obsidian” 150g, 300 g 

Fleece Rugs

Fleece rugs are among the most versatile horse rugs out there. They are particularly useful after exercise when the horse is sweating, or when the horse is wet. The fleece material wicks moisture away from the coat and thus helps the horse to dry faster. It provides extra warmth and works well as a thinner stable rug. Also excellent for travel. 

The Supreme Fleece Rug is a high-quality rug made from a moisture-wicking fleece fabric with high breathability. There is also a matching neck cover to complement it, to keep the neck muscles warm and flexible. 

In this category: 

Supreme Fleece Rug 

Supreme Fleece Rug with neck  

Mesh Rugs

Mesh rugs are truly multifunctional; perfect for hot summer days, as sweat rugs, fly rugs, stable rugs and for use in transport. They are airy, breathable and wick away moisture and sweat. This increases the well-being of the horse and helps it dry faster. 

We offer a number of mesh rugs in slightly different thicknesses. Our classic Mesh Rug can be used well into the autumn in the stable, or during transport when you are on your way to training and competition. We also have neck covers to complement the rug. 

The Sienna Sweat Rug is a very light and airy rug, perfect for hot summer days. 

In this category:  

Mesh Rug 

Royal Mesh Rug Deluxe 

Mesh Rug “Sienna” 

Fly Rug “Buzter” 

Show Rugs

You would want a show rug to be stylish but practical at the same time. Some Back on Track horse rugs are perfect for such occasions.  

The Haze Collection Horse Rug is both elegant and functional, with its matte, quilted surface and sophisticated, muted colours. Consequently, it is perfect during transport to an event or competition. The inside is lined with Welltex® in our innovative Power Waffle™ textile, which gives off the most powerful reflection of infrared energy.  

Horse Rug “Edward” is made to look spectacular, and we have spared no expense or effort. The outer layer is made from 100% high quality wool, with a beautiful embroidery on the side. The lining consists of a sleek, woven textile containing our Welltex® technology. 

In this category:

The Haze Collection Horse Rug 

Horse Rug “Edward” 

Stable Rugs

Stable rugs are mainly used when the horse is in the box in the stable. They provide extra warmth and with the Welltex® technology the horse also gets extra help with recovery during the night.  

Stable rugs work well as a warming layer under other rugs, such as under rain or winter rugs. This makes them very versatile and useful in different ways throughout much of the year. 

In this category:

Millie Stable Rug 100g, 200g 



Loin Rugs and Exercise Rugs  

Use a loin rug or an exercise rug when it is cold or rainy, and before/after training and competition. Make sure to protect the horse's sensitive lower back and hindquarters from rain, snow and cold. When riding or training during the cold months of the year, an exercise rug is a must - in particular for the shaved horse. A loin rug is also recommended after training, when the horse is walked off to prevent it from getting cold. 

Loin rugs and exercise rugs are available in many different materials. Adapt your choice of rug to the level of activity - whether it will be used for the entire ride or only for walking and walking off - as well as the temperature and current weather. Fleece is ideal for indoor training as it is very breathable, while a rug with water-repellent material is perfect for outdoor rides or riding on a track. 

In this category: 

Loin Rug 

Exercise Rug 

Exercise Rug with Fleece 

Exercise Rug “Sammy” 

Exercise Rug “William” 

The Walker Rug

We have developed a specific Walker Rug to allow for maximum freedom of movement and to minimise the risk of chafing on the shoulder whilst the horse is walking on the exercise machine or being lunged.  

Perfect for horses that are warmed up and walked off using an exercise machine!


See all our horse rugs and accessories here!

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