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Back on Track wins the 2023 “Mobility Product of the Year Award” in Finland!

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Back on Track wins the 2023 “Mobility Product of the Year Award” in Finland!

We are both happy and proud to announce that a range of our Welltex® products has been chosen as the winner of this years’ “Mobility Product of the Year Award”, by the Finnish Health Product Retailers’ Association (Suomen Terveystuotekauppiaiden Liitto).

“With this award, the health trade professionals wanted to highlight the importance of Welltex® products in the self-treatment of pain without medication and to remind people that exercise is a medicine in itself.”, says Mika Rönkkö, Executive Director of the Finnish Health Product Retailers’ Association. “All means to support and facilitate movement are important. Welltex® protections, supports and therapeutic tape can help people maintain mobility despite aches and pains in the body.”

This trade association represents more than 200 health food and natural products’ shops or chains all over Finland. It is with great joy that we at Back on Track accept such an important recognition from the industry.

Movement is medicine!

Maintaining a sound level of daily activity is essential for health, especially in the case of certain conditions - such as osteoarthritis. Doctors often advise their patients to move about as usual, even if it causes discomfort. The reason? Exercise nurtures the cartilage, lubricates it and builds it up.

Using and loading a joint strenghtens the muscles that also stabilise it. Blood flow to the muscles increases and they become stronger. The area is steadily supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Slag product are transported away quickly and efficiently. The body's own ability to heal is enhanced.

It is therefore strongly recommended to keep moving - or start moving, if the exercise habit has never taken hold. Products containing the therapeutic Welltex® technology may help sufferers of a painful condition to follow doctors' orders with greater ease. Welltex® was developed by a Swedish medical doctor, Dr. Erland Beselin, to do just that.

The winning series of Welltex® products includes elastic protections and supports intended to be worn over joints, as well as a Welltex® tape. Unlike traditional kinesio tape, the Welltex® tape does not need to be used according to special taping instructions, but can be placed directly on the pain point.

Welltex® and the soothing “Back on Track Effect”

All Welltex® infused protections, supports and tape contains finely ground minerals, melted into the threads of the textile material. The beneficial effect occurs when these minerals absorb and emit the natural body heat of the wearer, in the form of long-wave infrared energy (FIR).

When FIR is sent back into the body, it penetrates the skin and exerts its action deep in the tissues. The effect is known to stimulate blood flow and many users experience a significant sense of relief from problems affecting joints, tendons and muscles.

Products with Welltex® are often found to alleviate ailments such as ache and stiffness in the joints, sore muscles, muscle tension, swelling and inflammation. These very properties can also aid in recovery from injury and strains.

Improved mobility increases well-being

Back on Track works closely with several healthcare professionals in Finland. The products have been used for years in well-known treatment facilities with excellent feedback, and care professionals are actively involved in developing new Welltex® products.

“The Back on Track brand and the Welltex® range of products have gained a solid reputation among consumers conscious of wellbeing and quality.”, says Mika Rönkkö. “The areas of use of the therapeutic Welltex® fabric are truly versatile.”

Consequently, the excellent performance of Welltex® in humans has led to the development of a wide range of therapeutic products for animals, in particular dogs and horses.

Indeed, by facilitating movement, we hope to make it easier for humans and animals alike to remain physically active - which in turn will have a profoundly positive effect on health, pain management and quality of life.

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