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Back on Track Supports & Braces

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Back on Track Supports & Braces

All Welltex® infused protections, supports and tape contains finely ground minerals, melted into the threads of the textile material. The beneficial effect occurs when these minerals absorb and emit the natural body heat of the wearer, in the form of long-wave infrared energy (FIR).

When FIR is sent back into the body, it penetrates the skin and exerts its action deep in the tissues. The effect is known to stimulate blood flow and many users experience a significant sense of relief from problems affecting joints, tendons and muscles.

Products with Welltex® are often found to alleviate ailments such as ache and stiffness in the joints, sore muscles, muscle tension, swelling and inflammation. These very properties can also aid in recovery from injury and strains.

  • Welltex® technology
  • May aid faster recovery
  • May help in relieving pain


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