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Back on Track Cool on Track

Posted by Back on Track Representative on
Back on Track Cool on Track

Cool on Track™ can help you make the summer heat more bearable for all the members of your family. Although the products were first developed with dogs in mind, they are just as effective and refreshing for your cats your kids and yourself!

Through further product development, we are now creating a new line of products that make the benefits also accessible to horses. All you need is access to water. The instructions for use are the simplest possible: soak, wring, apply!

Cool on Track™ is a technical, cooling material with very high absorbency, that lowers temperature by about 6°C through water evaporation. It contains no chemicals and does not require access to a freezer.

  • Easy to use
  • Cools efficiently up to -6°C
  • Contains no chemicals
  • No need for a freezer 


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