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Posted by Back on Track Representative on
When choosing a helmet, it is important that the helmet fits properly. In this way the helmet offers the best protection. There are a number of things to consider when testing your helmet. That's why we've prepared a simple guide to help you buy a new helmet.

Finding the right size

To determine which helmet fits you best, first measure the circumference of your head just above the eyebrows. This size is an indication of which helmet size you should choose.

Sizeguide EQ3

The EQ3 helmets are available in sizes 53 to 61. All helmets have a washable Coolmax® inner lining.

Size 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61
Head circumference (cm) 51,5-52,4 cm 52,5-53,4 cm 53,5-54,4 cm 54,5-55,4 cm 55,5-56,4 cm 56,5-57,4 cm 57,5-58,4 cm 58,5-59,4 cm 59,5-60,4 cm
Helmet lining original (mm) 11 mm 9 mm 7 mm 5 mm 11 mm 7 mm 5 mm 9 mm 7 mm
Helmet lining +1 (mm) 15 mm 13 mm 12 mm 10 mm 17 mm 13 mm 9 mm 15 mm 13 mm

Size guide Lynx

The EQ3 Lynx has a screw function on the back of the helmet, which means that you can adjust the size of the helmet more precisely. Sometimes it can be nice when you may want the hair in different ways or simply just want to loosen or tighten the helmet during a riding session. Lynx also has replaceable Coolmax® inner lining that is attached with Velcro to the helmet. These inner linings are available in different sizes as you can see in the table below. The sizes small and medium have an extra thick inner lining while large has two extra thicknesses. There can be a very big difference in the helmet's fit with the different inner liners that are thicker, the liners are more padded on the sides, which means that the helmet can be adjusted both with the screw function and with different inner liners.
Size Small 50-53 Medium 54-58 Large 59-61
Head circumference (cm)
50-53 cm 54-58 cm 59-60 cm
Helmet lining original (mm) 5 mm 7 mm 5 mm
Helmet lining +1 (mm) 9 mm 11 mm 9 mm
Helmet lining +2 (mm) 11 mm
Helmet lining +3 (mm) 13 mm

What fit should I choose?

The first question to ask myself is whether I have a round or oval head. Sometimes it is easiest to test yourself. Press the helmet on the side of the head and in the forehead you need a helmet that is more oval in shape. While if you feel that the helmet does not really come down on your head and that it moves very much back and forth, it is probably because you have a more round head. Once you have found the right shape and size of your helmet, it is important to make sure that the helmet is as still as possible. This can be easily checked with the help of a stay tight test. Do the following:

1: Stand in front of a mirror to easily see if the helmet fits well.
2: Place both hands on the head.
3: Swing the helmet forwards and backwards.
If the helmet fits properly, your skin on the forehead will accompany the helmet when you wiggle it. If the helmet moves and the skin is still, the helmet is probably too big or you have a helmet that is too oval for your head shape. There is another way to check if the helmet fits properly using the traditional shake test. This is easily done by shaking your head with the chin strap unbuttoned up and down to see if the helmet remains. If the helmet is in place, the helmet fits well. If the helmet comes off, the helmet is probably too big.

Helmet to grow in?

Many times we are asked about a helmet that the child can grow in. We understand that it can easily be expensive to renew the helmet drop in the quarter, and therefore usually recommend an adjustable helmet for children, so they have something to grow in. The most important thing is however, that the helmet fits as well as possible so that the size does not become at the expense of safety.
How should the chin strap fit?
The chin strap should be as tight as possible and placed firmly under your chin. It must not slide forward on the chin but must be tight enough to lie still. We usually say that you should fit one to two fingers between the chin and the chin strap. On all our helmets there is a small triangle at the end of the chin strap which allows us to adjust the chin strap so it fits better under the chin.

Riding with your hair inside the riding helmet?

Today we meet many customers who want to ride with their hair inside the helmet, and therefore want to buy a helmet that works with it. Our recommendation is to always consider whether you want to choose a helmet for comfort or safety. If you are still determined to want the hair under the helmet, they may be required to, for example, increase the size, which can lead to the riding helmet giving you minimal protection when you choose not to have the hair under the helmet.

Do you have difficulty finding a helmet?

We all have different main shapes and therefore we recommend you who have difficulty finding a helmet to try to visit one of our dealers to customize a helmet with the help of inner lining. We have a wide selection of several different inner linings in different thicknesses that allow us to adapt the size and shape of the help at the individual level.
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